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Assign Tester to Test Run - Bug in TestRail

This has probably been going on for some time. However I saw that in the latest release this was resolved. Unfortunately not the case.

A Test Run has the following fields

Assigned to

Issue observed and steps to reproduce

  1. Create a Test Run and assign it to a resource say ‘Resource A’ during creation of test run
  2. Change assignment of one of the tests in the test run to another resource say ‘Resource B’
  3. Change either Name, Milestone or Description for the test runn
  4. The assignment of the tests to Resource B gets changed back to Resource A

This is clearly not correct.
When is Gurock planning to fix this?


Hi @vinodt

Thanks for the post! I see that you recently corresponded about this issue with a different team member via email. I’ll reiterate the points made there for any other users that are having trouble with this issue.

The most recent patch (to version was for a different issue where some users were receiving errors when attempting to un-assign tests within a run or plan by updating the user assignment to “nobody”.

The issue you’re referring to seems to be that when editing a test run that has individual assignments for the test cases within, the “Assign to” field will populate the user for the full run assignment, and upon saving will override any individual test assignments. This is a known issue, and we do have a request in for our dev team to investigate a possible fix in the future. For now, if you are updating a test run the best way to avoid issues with tests being re-assigned to the default user would be to change the assigned to field to blank, which will preserve all current user values within the run.

While this is an unofficial workaround, there is a UI Script that you can add in Administration > Customization that will attempt to change that field to the blank value by default when editing a run. Please note, this is untested in larger environments, but any user is welcome to test it and customize it to suit their needs.

name: Change Run Assignee
description: Changes the 'Assign To' value of a test run to blank to prevent re-assigning all tests to a single user when editing a test run.
version: 1.0
includes: ^runs/edit

function() {
var assignee_list = document.getElementById('assignedto_id');
assignee_list.options[0].selected = true;

Hope that helps!