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Assign Test To Groups


Does anyone know how to assign a test run to a group instead of just one user. I have the groups setup but can see a way of assigning the test to the group?


I don’t believe that can be done.


So I have to leave the test run un assigned and then inform the testers go and launch the tests ?


Either assign the test cases to the individual users or create the run and let them assign the test cases to themselves. At my company most times the test cases would be assigned to specific users though we are a smaller group/company.

Groups are done more for functional grouping of people.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your post! As @BGanger mentioned, it wouldn’t be possible to assign the overall test run to a group, and this would only support assigning to an individual user/tester. In many cases we see teams use a ‘lead’ of a group or other specific tester that can help with assigning tests on any given run if they should be assigned to multiple users. We’ve also received this request before and I’m happy to add your vote to the feature request as well.

Hope this helps!



Hello @mgarcia, since it seems like there is no way to assign a testcase to a group I was wondering if there was a way to have joint ownership of failing test case such that multiple people can see a failing test in their “TODO” section.