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Assign test steps to different users


I have 15 test steps in one test case and I need different users to execute the different steps in the test case. How can I assign different test steps to different users in TestRail?



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Currently there is no way to do this - assigning the users is not that granular.

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Thanks for the update. Would there be a workaround available? Would I need to create test cases for each of the steps I need to assign different users to?

Anything you can think of could be a workaround. If it is the same people testing the same steps - have the users assign the test case to the next user with a note in the step? Then it would be up to the last one to set the case to Passed? If a step fails then that person sets the Test Case to Failed and does not assign it to the next user…

Really all depends on how the flow goes and what permissions the testers have and you want them to have or not have.

I need to play around with the setup and see what will work best. Thanks for the reply.

I have a similar question. Were you looking to run the test steps in parallel or have the steps executed in a linear fashion (in an end to end flow (where one tester executes the first 5 steps then hands the test over to another tester to run the next 5 and then re-assign the test case to the last tester to run the last 5 steps).

I wanted to do this in a linear fashion where different users would execute different steps in the same test case

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Welcome to the forums…

I do not understand the question and I think a lot more information is needed. Don’t understand how your question fits into this specific thread or what “the audit website” is or what is being referred to.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to annoying anyone I just wanna know can I use these tools for SEO purposes like tracking organic traffic and other things?

Test Rail is a repository for Test Cases used by a QA team to test applications… nothing more.

It only tracks test cases being tested.