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Assign test plan to a user



I don’t remember if I already asked for this, but we have a lot of test plans that we run for every major release. By default, when a user creates a new test plan, the name that appears under the test plan when you click on the specific milestone is the author, not the assignee.

It would be nice to have a default assignee for the test plan. It would be this value that would be shown when looking at a specific milestone (to see each test plan progress, etc.).

I know the default assignee could be different from the test runs and that we should assign a specific user for each test run, but at least we would have appropriate reporting at the top level because it often happens the creator is not the one responsible for the test plan afterwards, etc.




Thanks for the suggestion! Currently test plans don’t really have an assignee field, as you would usually assign individual test runs (or tests within runs) to users as you mentioned. But we are happy to consider this and we added this to our feature request list for a future update.



Hi Dennis,

do you have any update on this feature request? We cannot really rely on the ToDo page because we do not see the test run assignees, only the tests runs grouped by test plans, etc. And we do not see the assignee from the test runs anyway when looking at the test runs summary page.

any update on this one assignedto shown at test run level ?

this prevents us to know who has been assigned a test plan (and therefore the different test runs) in a single pane of glass when we look at the milestone test plans summary page.

A suggestion could be to:

  • have an option for showing some related fields to test plans, children test runs fields summarized, etc. You could see the test runs assignees for a particular test plans, etc. I know that the UI should remain clear, but at the same time we should be able to see who’s assigned a test plan/runs.

Thanks for considering the request.


I just relooked at the database format and what I see when I am looking at a test plan instead of a test run is:

Table “runs”:

field: assignedto_id = NULL
field: user_id = 3
field: is_plan = 1

Would not it be possible to use the field “assignedto_id” for test plans here?

And show it a the milestone dashboard level, etc…