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Assign templates to Projects

Is it possible to assign different templates to projects? I want to have separate template to each projects, today we can do that by manually selecting it in the test case, which is difficult to enforce.

Please advice.

Hi @lakshman.eld,
you can apply templates per Project.
Check this thread as example and talk with your admin.


I dont think the link answers my question on linking separate template to projects.
Please correct me if i overlooked the link

In the Administration tab --> Customizations --> Templates

When you open a Template near the bottom:

Below the “This template applies to the following…” is the list of the Projects. As seen in the first post of the link…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Suppose if i want to show only one template for a project which is not the default one, is it possible to do that?

Not sure what is being asked.

Templates are assigned to Projects and the project will use that template for all cases created in the project. This is all set up in the Administration section of Test Rail. Any Template can be assigned to any project(s) and any template can be set as default.

Sorry @lakshman.eld,
I thought the first screenshot answers your question.
Including all your following questions.