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Assign single test case to multiple testers using multiple test run creation


Is there a way to assign a single test case for multiple testers to test other than creating a new test run for each tester with that single case in it?

Use case:
There is a test case where the tester needs to verify the address is in the correct format. Because we are testing in many countries, the address format is different for each. We want to use this same test case but assign it to a tester in each of 30 countries.

Is the only way to do this is create 30 test runs assigned to each user with that single test case in it or is there an easier/better way?

BTW–there is a similar question to this posted in 2010; however, the screenshot showing the answer by @dgurock is missing, so I can’t determine what the answer was.

@BMac89 The “configurations” feature may be of use. As I understand the feature, you would still have to create 30 things, but as opposed to 30 duplicates of the same test, the 30 configurations - named for each of the 30 countries - would give you more flexibility in that you could assign to testers and (more importantly) reassign as things change.

Note that editing/update of the test case would appear in “new” state in all 30 “configuration” instances. The effect of this is that “to-be-run” cases from that time going forward would contain this latest/new version of the test case. Tests already run are maintained in the state the test case was in at the time of test case running (a good thing). This behavior could be leveraged to improve the test case as feedback from initial test runs is fed back to the test author about unclear instructions/missing steps/etc.

I find querying of test results using “configurations” somewhat cumbersome (e.g, in above case, which country is Terry assigned to?) and have written this feature request titled Feat-Req: Composited view of “Configurations” -> Acts like 1 big Test Plan.