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Assign case fields to created project via api


I am integrating test rail and I have the following use case:
If a project does not exist I create the project and the required suite based on my automated tests.
I have custom fields that are required for my tests such as: custom_automationexecution, custom_tags, custom_expected, custom_isautomated
I would like to be able to assign this custom steps for my newly created project. When using add_case_field with this required object I get {
“error”: “System Name already in use. Please choose another name for your custom field.”
which is true cause it exists.
Is there a way to update my project with the custom step via API or this has to be a manual intervention I have to do in admin?


IMHO there is right now only a get and add endpoint available.
The Update is missing…

Ever had the idea to use Selenium to automate the step via UI?

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This is done thru the Administration tab and then you can assign it to all templates test case templates or even assign it to some Projects. Once done - any new test cases what meets the template etc… then the field(s) will there. They are not added per Project when the project is created.

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Thanks for your reply guys! We don’t add new auto tests projects on daily basis so this will be a task once or twice a year to assign the correct template!
Have a good day!