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Assign a test run/plan to mutiple milestones


Are there any plans around this? I can see having different milestones which a scheduled, automated test suite that runs on a repeated basis for 3rd party integrations would be applicable to. One milestone would be for a specific project, another milestone for 3rd party integrations for a release, and yet another milestone for 3rd party integrations in general. I want to see test result trends across these three views which each have a different focus. Yet, you don’t want to repeat tests executions just to assign them to different milestones.


Hello Matthew,

Thanks for your posting. Assigning a test run/plan to multiple milestones is currently not supported unfortunately as you’ve probably already found out. Although you mentioned that adding multiple test runs wouldn’t be an option, I would still recommend looking into this.

TestRail 3.1 (recently released) added new add_results/add_results_for_cases API methods which allow you to submit multiple test results in one go. The basic workflow for your automated tests would then look like this:

  • Run your tests and record the results
  • Create three different test runs and assign them to your milestones (via add_run)
  • Add the recorded test results to each of the test runs (via add_results/add_results_for_cases)

You can learn more about the new API methods here:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.