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ASP.NET Core Standard Support


Are there any plans to support ASP.NET Core Standard?

Really missing SmartInspect!!!


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your posting and Happy New Year! The full SmartInspect library has some Windows-specific code but it should be possible to create a .NET Core compatible library/port based on the ideas and concepts of the official library. We don’t have any plans right now to support .NET Core directly but SmartInspect’s protocol is fully documented so using SmartInspect from additional platforms is definitely possible:



So…write it myself for the latest major Microsoft initiative.

I love SmartInspect…but I’ll pass. Time to move on.


I ported it to .net core 2.0. In case you are interested please let me know.


Never saw this reply - came back hoping something had changed and saw your reply. I’d be very interested to see what you have done.

Nick H


Actually I used the source code that gurock provided to us (I think it is part of a normal purchase) to build it as netstandard2.0. I had to comment out the System.Drawing.Imaging stuff in Session.cs which we didn’t use anyhow. I can run it nicely under net core linux. I would share this if Gurock gives green light.


Ah ok, then must have it in a directory somewhere. I will take a gander. Thanks for the info.


System.Drawing.Common for core.

I’m working on a polyfill for the AppDomain calls.


I just want to say thanks for this solution. I’m up and running. Sweet. Might even renew it now.


Cool! Maybe Gurock could make this open source? Seems like they are not maintaining it actively anymore.


Yeah, that would be great. There’s nothing out there like it and I have been very disappointed to see it gathering dust. Having it available in core is huge.