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ASP.Net application not logging on server


I have an ASP.Net 4.0 application in which we are implementing SmartInspect logging. The log is stored on our network.

When I run the application locally in Visual Studio, entries are written to the log file properly. However, when I publish the application to a test server inside our network, nothing is being logged.

I’m testing this using the following code:

            SiAuto.Si.Connections = String.Format("file(filename=" + ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SILogFile"] + ", append=true)");
            SiAuto.Si.Enabled = true;
            Gurock.SmartInspect.Session LogSession = SiAuto.Si.AddSession("SomeSessionName");
            LogSession.LogMessage("Loading home page");

Anyone have some advice about where to look to troubleshoot this? All help is appreciated.


I should add that no errors are displayed when testing this…the page loads, but nothing is appended to the log file.