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As Admin, I am unable to access test suites under a specific project



I am admin in all projects of my team. Somehow, I am unable to see test suites under a specific project. I can see test runs, but not test suites. This issue occurred recently, perhaps due to the new Test Rails release?

Can someone help me?



Hi Vero,

Thanks for your posting. Can you please set a filter and clear it afterwards? There’s a small edge case with the filters when a previous section filter was configured and we would recommend clearing the filter to see if this helps. Just click on None next the Filter, configure a random filters (e.g. priority) and then clear the filter again by clicking on the red X.

I hope this helps!



Thank you so much, it resolved my issue.

Have a great day.


Hi Vero,

You are welcome and that’s great to hear :slight_smile: