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Are the test cases backed up?

Hi, I accidentally deleted some cases today. Is there a way to revert to the previous backup (if any)?

The entire DB would need to be restored - contact Gurock support via the website Support form.

Hi @jiekang,

Thanks for the post! As BGanger pointed out, please email us at with additional details regarding the data deletion so we can assist with a potential restore.


Thanks for your help. I am not concerned with this particular deletion. Instead, I am curious about the general backup/restore process of the customer site on TestRail Cloud. Could you shed some light on this?

Hi @jiekang,

Thanks for the reply! We regularly backup all systems and TestRail Cloud accounts, currently usually around once per day per account.

Backups can be restored in case a user deletes a lot of data by mistake, but this should be the exception of course and restoring a backup would restore all projects and data.

Hope this helps,