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Are deleted test cases referenced in the log files?


We are investigating a test case that went missing. One day it was just disappeared from TestRail. Our suspicion is that someone accidentally deleted it.

Would we see this is the log files somewhere?

We’ve tried grepping all of the log files using the test case id as the search term but it did not find any results.

If it would not be referenced in the log files, any other ideas to try to find exactly when it might have been deleted (and ideally by which user)?

Thanks in advance.


Hello David,

Thanks for your posting! Deleted cases or sections are currently not tracked in the same way as larger objects (such as suites or runs which you can see in the project history). That said, if you know one or more of the affected case IDs, could you please try to search for them via the search bar at the top of the screen? It could be that the cases may have been moved instead of deleted and you would find them with the search in this case (even if they were moved to a different project).