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Are conditional steps possible?


Apologies if this has been covered; didn’t find it in several searches. I would like to be able to include test steps in an “if…then…else” format. In other words, I would like to include test steps that do not preclude the overall test passing if the individual steps are not performed. Is that possible?

  • Jennifer Davis


Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for your posting. While there’s currently no explicit support for this, you can implement something similar with the structured steps control and maybe custom test statuses (e.g. “Skipped” or similar for irrelevant steps). The steps control looks as follows:

Custom statuses can be configured under Administration > Customiziations > Statuses (the table with the colors).

You can freely skip individual steps on the Add Test Result dialog (by leaving them Untested or setting them to Skipped) and still set the overall status for the test to Passed (or Failed/something else). Would this work for you?



Skipping steps will probably work fine; I’ll also investigate the links you posted. I’m brand-new to TestRail and still getting the hang of it. Love the configurability.


Thanks for the update, Jennifer, and great to hear that this might work for you.