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Archiving tests



Deleting tests which are no longer applicable is a bit severe - it might be necessary to revisit them at some point in the future.

Could you add the ability to archive a test, so that it doesn’t appear in a test suite?



Hello Matt,

Thanks for your posting. We already have support for archiving tests by “closing” test runs (with the lock icon in the toolbar of a test run). Closed test runs are copied internally and changes to the test suite therefore do not affect closed test runs (e.g. editing or deleting test cases). So you can safely delete test cases without any impact on closed runs and still have the data of the old test cases in the system.

That said, instead of deleting test cases, you can also add a custom field ‘Archived’ for test cases which you can a) display in the grids on the test suite page and b) use to filter out archived test cases when creating test runs/plans (with the new column and filter features available in TestRail 2.5).

I’ve also added an archive feature for test cases to our feature request list. Just let me know in case anything is unclear.



Has an archiving feature test suites/cases feature been implemented into TestRail since this post?

I don’t think I saw it implemented but just wanted to be sure. One of my team members was asking whether that feature was available in TestRail.

If not, I do have other methods we’ve developed to address it. Just curious of there was a specific archiving functionality that was available.



Hello David,

Thanks for your posting. You can use the Close feature for test runs & plans to archive test runs & plans:

The (relatively new) baseline feature of TestRail also allows you to have multiple test case repository versions and is ideal for more complex versioning needs:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)



Hello I am new to TestRail but I am really impressed at this point. In reference to removing old test cases.

I entered a few cases
added them to a test run
entered my test results
confirmed the results appeared in our instance of JIRA (Cloud)
I closed the test run.

I see the test cases associated to the closed test run and in JIRA.

But on my test case page the cases still appear. How do I get them to go away?

When I deleted a couple from the test case page - they were automatically removed from my JIRA instance - in the TestRail Results section. so that’s not good.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



Hello Sondra,

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear that you enjoy TestRail so far. Currently, when you delete a test case, the related references for test results in JIRA are indeed hidden. The reason for this is that the reference/result index is only maintained for test cases, not for test case copies as part of closed runs. The results would also be displayed for closed runs, but only as long as the test cases aren’t deleted. We plan to review this and plan to look into expanding the index for deleted cases in closed runs as well


I’d like to know if Archiving test cases is a feature that was built from your feature request list. I see comments about closing/archiving test plans, which is great, but I’m specifically interested in adding an Archive flag to test cases for features that are no longer active by adding an Archive check box to each test case. This could allow us the possibility to revive a test case instead of deleting something forever. I assume this is similar to previous comments about Views used for test suites, but I’m trying to understand how to make this a default for all users and to easily flag a test case with this kind of filter.

Similar to my comment above I’m interested in an optional feature where a test case could be automatically archived based off X amount of time passing determined by a selectable menu when a test case is created. Example: If I’m working on a large project and require a big group of test cases, I can flag some to be archived in 2 weeks, or a month, 2 months, never archive, etc (compared against a last modified date). That way certain applicable test cases will be kept in our test suites and saved, and other 1-time tests will “expire” and archive in a month after the project has been finished .


Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your feedback. You can use a custom field for this and simply add a dropdown or checkbox custom field on the test case level:

For a more advanced archiving/versioning implementation, I can recommend reviewing TestRail’s baseline feature and this allows you to take snapshots of case repositories:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

Test runs & results can always be archived independently of the test cases via the lock feature and archived test runs & results can no longer be changed or modified in any way.



Hello Team,

Recently we have started using TestRail and we are happy with the product.

As suggested above, I have created a custom field for Archiving Test case. But when I go the main page of Test case, I can still see the archived test case(Because it is just a checkbox indicating the test case is active or archived).

Is there a way to display only active test cases?


Hi Srilatha,

Thanks for your posting. Great to hear that you enjoy working with TestRail :slight_smile:

Yes, you can simply set a filter to hide the archived test cases:

You can use the same filter on the test run form when you create a new test run (so that only non-archived test cases are included in new test runs).

You can also find a good related discussion/introduction on our blog on the versioning features TestRail supports: