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Archiving Test Cases


To piggyback on we have test cases that are no longer needed due to various reasons - from obsolete features to closing out hard to reproduce defects. Deletion of these test cases would destroy history and linkage from integrated systems such as Pivotal.

An alternative would be if TestRail let us move test cases and/or sections from one suite to another without breaking a link :D. Such a feature would let us move all obsolete test cases into an archived suite.


Moving a test case from one suite to another inside the same project does not break external links. The unique CaseID remains the same on a moved test case, and the web link to a Case does not contain anything but the CaseID, so you can shift them as you please.

Note that if you do this between projects, you can still use the same link to reference the test case as before, but you will lose all edit history and test result history (at least, from the Case -> History and Case -> Test Results tabs).

I’m not sure if the above is a bug, or if the TestRail project architecture cannot cope with this due to the possibility of test case fields being different from project to project.


Hello Matthew,

Moving test cases from one test suite to another will remove any test results in active test runs so please make sure to close any active test runs before doing so. Moving test cases in the same project via the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog will preserve the history (History tab when viewing a test cases), so this shouldn’t be an issue either. The Copy/Move Test Cases dialog can be found on the test suite page (it’s the little Copy icon with two sheets of paper in the toolbar).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



Moving test cases from one suite to another inside the same project via the Copy/Move Test cases dialog is not preserving the test results for closed test runs on TestRail. Is there a way we can have the history preserved or is it a bug that team is aware of.