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Apply filter on a project rather than on Test suites


I have a project with multiple test suites.
In each Test suite I have marked few test cases with “Type=Sanity”

How do I Create a Test run for the project by simply applying a filter “Type=Sanity” which should be applicable to entire project.

Right now, I have to apply Filter on individual suites and add test cases to Test run.


Hi Aniket,

Thanks for your posting. The filters are only available on the suite/run level and not for the entire project. We usually recommend using a single suite per project and there’s even an option for this for projects:

Using a single suite has many advantages when it comes to creating test runs for the entire repository or a subset of cases, applying filters for all cases or creating reports. It’s just more flexible in general and we recommend using section and subsections to organize and group test cases instead.

It’s possible to refactor a multi-suite project into a single suite and I’m happy to explain how this works if this would be an option. Please note that this would require closing all active test runs before moving cases (as this would otherwise remove active tests & results).



Hi @tgurock,

In my Testrail I have a project with several test suites, each is representing different functional area in the application, and each contains about +100 test cases. Each test case has a type which can be any of: Sanity, Regression, E2E, … same as described by @aniket. Having test suits, for each functional area, is more logical to me, and makes the navigation between tests more easy.
What I’m looking for is the option to create a test run from multiple test suites, so I will be able to test ‘Sanity’ cross project in a single test run.

I understand that having a single test suite will work, but this also means having MANY test cases, hundreds of test cases in the same test suite which will make it very hard to navigate. Even breaking them by sections still i think won’t help much when I will start having +1000 test cases.



@ilevi Would it be practical for you to create a test plan and then include each test suite as a separate run? That way you can track each suite separately, but also your project in its entirety.


Thanks @Anomander, this Is what i plan to do, since I don’t have another choice (I don’t want to maintain 1 big test suite with hundreds of test cases)

Much better approach will be to allow the creation of one test run with tests from different tests suite.
So, what I want is when creating a test plan is the option to chose to run each test suite separately or to run all tests suites in one test run.

It will be useful if I have, for example, sanity test cases in different suites, and then I can run them (all sanity tests in different suites), via one test run cross project. I don’t want to see 10 tests runs only because I have sanity tests cases in 10 different 10 suites.