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Application Crash when closing Redistributable Console



I have a client using the redistributable console with our product.

They double-click saved logs files (text) to view them and when they close the console they get an application crash dialog from Windows Error Reporting.

Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Version:
Exception Code: c00000005

They also get a dialog that says EAccessViolation in module SmartInspectConsole.exe.

Have you seen this behavior before?




Hello Sheri,

Thanks for your email. We haven’t seen this behavior before. Are you trying to open files that were generated with the “text” protocol in the Console?




We are using the file protocol - see the siconfig.txt below.

They are double-clicking the .sil file to open it and they get the console errors when they try to close the redistributable viewer.

I have not seen this behavior myself here yet.

[code]; Configure SmartInspect properties
connections = file(filename="COMMONAPPDATA_LOGPATH\CFSLog.sil", maxsize=“250MB”, rotate=daily, maxparts=10), pipe(pipename=“ColdFeedService”, reconnect=true, reconnect.interval=10s), tcp(host=“localhost”, port=“49500”, reconnect=true, reconnect.interval=10s)

; Debug Level
enabled = true
level = debug
defaultlevel = message

; Configure default session properties = true
sessiondefault.level = message[/code]




As a follow-up, I’ve found that this error message seems to happen when closing SmartInspect by using the [x] button in the upper right corner, and not through the File-Exit menu item.

Also, it doesn’t happen consistently, but once it starts to happen it always happens. My QA team has also seen it sporadically and has said once it starts to happen it continues to happen until he re-installs our product that has SmartInspect bundled.

Smart Inspect Redistributable is not installed using the siredist- but rather included in the install under a subfolder with the following files:




Testing today we mananged once to duplicate the behavior of SmartInspect crashing when exiting. The console displays the error message and then crashes, creating an application crash dump file. (.WER report).

The other problem (possibly a side effect of the crash) is that that starting the console again will not display real-time logging messages.

We are using the named pipe protocol to "talk between the application and the console. After the crash, opening the console with the correct pipe name displays nothing.

We can’t just remove\re-install as this is a live test machine.



Hello Sheri,

Thanks at lot for the additional details. It should be sufficient to remove the application configuration in the appdata directory, e.g.:

Please try to rename this directory to something else, e.g.:

This should reset the configuration and has the same effect as removing/re-installing the Console. We will make sure to look into the behavior when pressing the X button. If you happen to have an example log file which triggers this behavior, it would be appreciated if you could send this to our help desk:




Thanks for the %APPDATA% fix, we’ll try it here and let you know.

The crashing on closing the log file is sporadic; I’ll get my testers to let me know when they have one, test that it still happens when copied to another computer and if so we’ll pass it on.




I’m having the same problem as well, and it happens using either the “File.Exit” or close button. It seems to have started with a Windows Server 2008 (64-bit) patch update, just not sure which one.
SI Pro Console version =
Windows Server 2008 version = SP1

Any news on a fix?


I tried deleting the APPDATA folder as mentioned above, but still no luck. However, it did create a diagnostics file that might be helpful. Here it is:

I encountered the following error in the SmartInspect Professional Console. Here is the collected error report:

Product.Name=SmartInspect Professional
Windows.Platform=Windows NT
Windows.Info=Service Pack 3

Access violation at address 0063D24D in module ‘SmartInspectConsole.exe’. Read of address 0000001C

(0023C24D){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0063D24D] ViewUnit.TViewCategory.DeleteView (Line 2102, “ViewUnit.pas” + 2) + $2
(0006F3DA){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004703DA] SmartInspect.TSiSession.EnterMethod (Line 23100, “SmartInspect.pas” + 0) + $A
(0023C246){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0063D246] ViewUnit.TViewCategory.DeleteView (Line 2101, “ViewUnit.pas” + 1) + $C
(002381B5){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [006391B5] ViewUnit.TViewManager.Delete (Line 491, “ViewUnit.pas” + 13) + $B
(0023803D){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0063903D] ViewUnit.TViewManager.Clear (Line 453, “ViewUnit.pas” + 3) + $6
(00238243){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00639243] ViewUnit.TViewManager.Destroy (Line 505, “ViewUnit.pas” + 1) + $4
(00002FA0){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00403FA0] System.TObject.Free (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $2FA0
(0026FA25){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00670A25] ProjectUnit.TProject.Destroy (Line 536, “ProjectUnit.pas” + 18) + $6
(0000301B){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0040401B] System.TObject.CleanupInstance (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $301B
(00003534){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00404534] System.TMonitor.Destroy (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $3534
(0000301B){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0040401B] System.TObject.CleanupInstance (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $301B
(00002FA0){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00403FA0] System.TObject.Free (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $2FA0
(00275734){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00676734] ProjectUnit.TProjectManager.Destroy (Line 2502, “ProjectUnit.pas” + 6) + $3
(00002FA0){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00403FA0] System.TObject.Free (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $2FA0
(002E172E){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [006E272E] MainUnit.TMainForm.CloseApplication (Line 3111, “MainUnit.pas” + 75) + $10
(0002D8ED){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0042E8ED] Classes.RemoveFixupReferences + $95
(000CA117){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004CB117] Forms.TCustomForm.BeforeDestruction (Line 3204, “Forms.pas” + 7) + $D
(0000352D){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0040452D] System.@BeforeDestruction (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $352D
(002DAC0E){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [006DBC0E] MainUnit.TMainForm.Destroy (Line 834, “MainUnit.pas” + 9) + $2
(00033B7F){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00434B7F] Classes.TComponent.DestroyComponents + $47
(000C7FF5){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004C8FF5] Forms.DoneApplication (Line 1755, “Forms.pas” + 9) + $5
(0000BE06){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0040CE06] SysUtils.DoExitProc + $26
(000040F1){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004050F1] System.@Halt0 (Line 361, “Consts.pas” + 0) + $40F1
(000D3119){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004D4119] Forms.TApplication.WndProc (Line 9246, “Forms.pas” + 81) + $0
(00034FD4){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00435FD4] Classes.StdWndProc + $14
(000E287F){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004E387F] Controls.TWinControl.DefaultHandler (Line 9377, “Controls.pas” + 30) + $17
(000CD6F6){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004CE6F6] Forms.TCustomForm.DefaultHandler (Line 5164, “Forms.pas” + 11) + $4
(000DE272){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004DF272] Controls.TControl.WndProc (Line 6642, “Controls.pas” + 91) + $6
(0019A827){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0059B827] cxContainer.ApplicationCallWndProcHookProc (Line 6038, “cxContainer.pas” + 13) + $12
(000E2783){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004E3783] Controls.TWinControl.WndProc (Line 9336, “Controls.pas” + 136) + $6
(000D926E){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004DA26E] Controls.FindControl (Line 2999, “Controls.pas” + 6) + $9
(000CB488){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004CC488] Forms.TCustomForm.WndProc (Line 3901, “Forms.pas” + 191) + $5
(000E1E9C){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004E2E9C] Controls.TWinControl.MainWndProc (Line 9065, “Controls.pas” + 3) + $6
(00034FD4){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [00435FD4] Classes.StdWndProc + $14
(000D3AEC){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004D4AEC] Forms.TApplication.ProcessMessage (Line 9633, “Forms.pas” + 3) + $F
(000D3C32){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004D4C32] Forms.TApplication.HandleMessage (Line 9690, “Forms.pas” + 1) + $4
(000D3F65){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [004D4F65] Forms.TApplication.Run (Line 9830, “Forms.pas” + 26) + $3
(0037D183){SmartInspectConsole.exe} [0077E183] SmartInspectConsole.Finalization + $59C3