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App vs Console launching first


SmartInspect is a very nice tool. However, I am having one issue with it.

It appears that logging to the console only works if it is already running when my C# app starts up. If my app is running and then I launch the console, logging does not appear in the console.

Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?



Hello Patrick,

when your application starts and the Console is not running, a TCP connect attempt of the SmartInspect libraries fails and the logging information can thus not be sent to the Console. One option to workaround this is to check if the Console is running before trying to connect. If the Console is not running, then you could start it programmatically directly out of your application. A similar functionality is already on our TODO list.

Another option will be the new ‘reconnect’ protocol option of SmartInspect 2.0 (will be released this month). If this option is set to true, the protocol tries to reconnect automatically if a working connection disconnects or if no connection could be established in the first place.



This is good news! The “reconnect” option is exactly what I was hoping for.

I am eagerly looking forward to the release of 2.0 - SmartInspect is a very nice product.



Good to hear that the reconnect option will do the job and thanks for the kind words :-). If everything goes as planned, SmartInspect 2.0 will be released this Friday.


Hi !

… SmartInspect 2.0 will be released this Friday …

This would be very cool. I want to implement SmartInspekt the next days. So I can start directly with the new version.

Greetz Dominik