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API Use and Maintenance


We run our regression at night. It is fully automated, so our automation starts by blocking the test case that is being run on a particular automation machine so no other one picks up the same test case. Then when the test case is complete we update the result for the test case taking it out of a blocked status.

What we are seeing, is that any test that is in a blocked state (actually running) prior to the maintenance window starting, doesn’t update it’s result when maintenance is done. We have a retry structure in place that retries periodically if we get the HTTP 409 returned. And everything on our end looks like the result is sent successfully. But when we go in to Test Rail, we see that those tests are left in their Blocked state.

Any advice on how to proceed here? We hate having un-run test results left over at the end of the run.



Are you on a cloud instance ?
There is a backup everynight so that can be the cause of the 409 error.
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Yes we are on a cloud instance. We already have a hook in our framework that when we get the 409 we wait and retry later. My issue is that the retry from our end appears to work. What we don’t see is the result actually ending up in Test Rail.