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[API] Upload screenshot


Hi Tobias,

Is this the same situation for uploading images/attachments when adding Case using the API, that it is not possible?



Hey Tim,

You are correct. Uploading images via API is not currently possible however we are still looking into adding this feature in the future.


Thank you Marty for confirming!


Hi Tim,

We’re happy to help! We’ve also added your vote to the feature request as well. As an alternative, you can also look into uploading your images/attachments to a third party host and then just linking/referencing these e.g. using TestRail’s Markdown formatting syntax, which is similar to the method that TestRail uses to reference its own internal attachments:

Hope this helps!



Please add my vote to this feature!

Integration with TestRail remains somewhat clunky without it.


Yes!!! We really need to have API to upload images to testresults. +1 vote for this feature


another vote for this function please


Please add my vote to this feature!


First vote for 2018. Please add this feature !


Please add my vote for this functionality. It would be incredibly useful to have this part of the API!


+1 Pretty please with sugar on top!


+1 for api results with attachments.


+1 for ability to add attachments via api


hi team. i was trying last night to upload image programmatically.
but i met with status code 302 after uploading, see image:

as you can see, my request simulates web-browser request. instead of cookies i used basic-authorization header, and it should be works.

however, the body response is empty.
but it returns 302 code. can you help me, how to avoid it?


response headers:


+1 to uploading files through the API to test cases. It would be incredibly useful for us, both for images and log files.


+1 Have been wishing for this feature for years. Manual test results can include uploaded screenshots; would be great if the API could do it too.


+3 (I and my colleagues) desperately need this feature!!!


+1! Could really do with this feature being implemented


Please add another vote.

This is unfortunately going to be a business requirement for my company going forward. We are required to provide evidence of testing, even for test cases executed by automated tools. This evidence usually takes the form of either a screenshot or a log file.

We’ve been using TestRail for several years now and hate the idea of switching, but this issue hasn’t seen any traction for six and a half years. When our support license comes up for renewal, sticking with TestRail at the cost of not being able to use automation for testing is going to be a tough sell.