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[API] Updated TestRail Java API SDK by RetailMeNot


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to announce that I am nearing completion of the TestRail Java API SDK v1.1. It has not been merged into master as I have not extensively tested it. Currently it lives on the branch ST-67.

This new version has helper methods for every single api endpoint I could find in the TestRail API v2 Documentation.

If you can test it and/or have any feedback on how to improve this SDK, I encourage you to try it out and tell me anything I can do to make using it easier.



I have also tried to be diligent about keeping track of the various changes I have made - this can be found in the Migration and New Features Guide v1.1

I couldn’t put this in the earlier post as I am hard limited to 2 links per post.


cool thanks for this - whenever I need to use a java client, i will give it a try


Hi Vincent!

That looks amazing and thanks a lot for investing so much time into the SDK. It even has support for all the new API configuration related methods we just added recently, 429 + retry support and a lot more, that’s really impressive :slight_smile: We will make sure to review this on our side and give feedback if we find anything.

Thanks again!



Glad to be of help!