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API update policy?


What is Gurock’s policy on updating the TestRail API? We’re considering whether we should have a test suite to verify that our tools that use the API will still work after a version update. Basically, if we use the “v2” end-point, can you guarantee that there will be no breaking changes? To put it another way, if you make breaking changes, will you add a new “v3” end-point but leave the “v2” end-point active for a few releases?


Hello Allan,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, your assumption is correct and we would increase the version number for breaking changes. This hasn’t been required so far and the v2 API is named this way to avoid possible confusions with our previous API (our so called mini-API). The current API gets new features regularly without incrementing the version number (such as new API methods or new attributes for existing methods), but we always introduce new features without breaking changes and keeping backwards compatibility in mind. If it ever becomes necessary, we would increment the API version number to v3.

I hope this helps!



Thanks, @tgurock - much appreciated.


You are welcome, Allan!