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API -- update_case



It always return error below when using method “update_case”:

“{“result”:false,“error”:“Field Test / Requirement Description is a required field.”,“inline”:true}”

“Test / Requriement Description” is not a mandatory argument from the description of method “update_case”, could you advise?




Thanks for your posting. Test / Requirement Description seems to be a custom field in your TestRail installation and is marked as required (under Administration > Customizations). Required custom fields must also be submitted to add_case/update_case and not doing so results in the error/validation message you’ve received from TestRail.

You can submit custom fields via the API with their system name prefixed with custom_. For example, if your custom field has a system name of requirement_description, you would submit it as custom_requirement_description. The system name for custom fields can also be looked up under Administration > Customizations.

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.



It Works fine now. Thanks for your help!


You are welcome.