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API to at least query the permissions for Users, Projects, Groups


We’re up to around 140 folks using Testrail; which has made permission management a bit of a nightmare.

So either that needs some major refactoring; or I need a way to grab those permissions via the API and manage them outside of Testrail (if even just on a view-only level).

Or reports on the users would work as well (though that doesn’t really work in the layout of Testrail).

Basically, I’d like to see views such as

  • for Project A; here are the users with Permissions A, Permissions
    B… Permissions X
  • for User A, (s)he has access to project A as
    Permission A, project B as Permission A, project X as Permission X
  • Permission Group X has the
    following users in it and each of those users as Permission

This would allow me to more easily see what specific user has access to and what permissions they have for that access. Or to see Group access, or … basically different views. Again, I’m having to do all thismanaging offline (in a spreadsheet) and as anyone knows; two sources of data have a tendency to fall out of alignment.

I know 5.0 is on the horizon, but this is becoming a pretty big deal to me.



Thanks for your feedback on this, Jim! We understand that it’s currently a bit difficult to get an overview of all configured permissions/project access and users/groups. I’ve added another vote to this feature request and we are happy to consider this for a future version. Maybe a full permission overview report on the Administration > Users & Roles page would be a good idea and this would especially make sense for large teams such as yours.



Just curious, where are these votes and how can we see how many votes have been added for each feature?


Hi Jim,

Our feature request list is currently not publicly available unfortunately. That said, most features we add are based on customer feedback and we constantly review and prioritize feature requests based on customer feedback.



You can add my vote! This would be a time saver for admins and testers.

Have you thought about adding a Project tab for permissions?