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API suggestion


I like testrail API but these URL’s drive me nuts. It feels really redundant since I have to specify an HTTP method anyways.

/get_case/:case_id => GET
/update_case/:section_id => PUT
/add_case/:section_id => POST
/delete_case/:case_id => DELETE

Why not this:

/case/:case_id => GET
/case/:case_id => PUT
/case/:section_id => POST
/case/:case_id => DELETE

Again not a huge deal, just a pet peeve of mine.


Hello Casey,

Thanks for your posting. There are a few reasons for this and the most important is that entities in TestRail can have more than just the standard four CRUD methods. E.g., with the test runs & plans, you have the additional ‘close’ method. It is also planned to look into adding additional methods, e.g. to copy test suites or rerun test runs/plans. Since there’s no straightforward and easy to use mapping between additional entity methods and the strict REST model, we decided to include the action in the API method for now.