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API search on text


I want to be able to use the api to find all tests that contain a text string similar to how the search field on the TestRail web page works.

The reason is we have an automated suite with 4000 tests that runs as part of jenkins. We do not try to enter results into TestRail but we do have test cases for all. I would like from my automation dashboard to be able to say Find all tests that have a string “foo” or even all tests with the name “foo” since I know the name. What I dont know is the test ID.




Thanks for your posting. We would usually recommend storing the case IDs (C###) directly with your tests and these IDs can also be used to submit test results to TestRail (with add_result_for_case/add_results_for_cases). So you don’t necessarily need the test IDs (T###) and can use the (static) case IDs instead.