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API: Is there a way to add screenshot to test result?


Is there a way to add screenshot to test result?
We’d like to put into test result detailed log and screenshot of auto test failure.


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting. Uploading attachments or screenshots is currently not supported via the API or import (I assume this is what you are looking for, is this correct?). It’s already planned to look into this though and we currently recommend adding screenshots or attachments via the user interface (which is supported for test cases as well as results).



+1 to this idea!

Upon failure my automated tests can capture a screenshot, so to be able to POST an attachment path to a test result would be great.


Hello Lloyd,

Thanks for your feedback on this, I’ve just added another vote!



I upload my screenshots to a separated WEB server and insert the URL to the image via:

“![Image Name] (”

This way you can display your images also in Jira, emails, or others reports and need to upload it jsut to 1 server.


Yep, that’s also what we recommend for embedding screenshots or uploading attachments currently. Thanks for the example, Daniel!



Uploading to third party requires paid subscription.