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[API] Is is possible to create a single Test Run using Test Cases from different Test Plans?


Hi there! First time posting here, I hope it is the right place.

I’m looking to create a single Test Run that combines several Test Cases that belong to different Test Plans with the API. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you.

How do I go about it? Is it even possible?

Thanks a lot!


An interesting question for me as well. I am just doing a trial of Testrail, but I have 40 some applications and would prefer to not use one big project like the recommendation seems to be. I am not sure this tool can support my needs.


I found out that this cannot be done (well, actually you can add test cases that belong to other test plans using the API, but those won’t be displayed on the run dashboard. I learned this is a bug when I reported it to the TR support team.

Kind of a bummer to be honest.