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API in maven project



I was looking for the testrail-api whether it can be found in the maven repository and found - is this yours or yet another api for it ?

I doubt because of the groupid


Is there a maven entry for test rail api or must it be included locally ?



We recommend using our official API bindings which are available for various languages such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby and PHP:

The bindings have as few dependencies as possible and you can find an example for Java here:



Thank you.

I’m aware of the pages, but was simply wondering whether the test rail api was also available via maven dependency management.


We currently don’t have a maven package. That said, the API binding only has a single external dependency and is easy to use but we are happy to look into it, thanks for the suggestion!



I too would like to be able to use this from my maven project without needing to manually manage downloading it, etc. Any update on this? Thanks.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback. We currently don’t have an update on this but it’s planned to make this easier to use with one of the versions after the next one (5.3). You can already use the API binding by manually adding it to your source code and it’s really just two files (which also change very very infrequently on GitHub).