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API get_cases filter by group_id


I think the title speaks for itself. I’d like to evaluate all test cases for a particular group via the api. This is useful for finding and resolving issues after a bulk copy/move operation.


I’d suppose an alternative would be if you add boolean flag support for including cases in subsections?


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your posting. That’s already possible and you can specify the section filter as follows:


This limits the list of cases to the given section.



It seems like I’m only getting the cases for the requested section. I’m needing to get the cases for the section plus all the child sections. Perhaps I’m missing something, The parent section has 0 cases, and one of the child sections has 3. When I request cases for the parent section, I’m returning 0.


Hi Matthew,

Yes, the section filter limits the cases to just this section. If you are looking for the cases of multiple sections, it may be faster to get all cases and then filter on the client side (instead of calling get_cases for each sub-section). You can find all sub-sections for a section via get_sections and the attributes for the section hierarchy (depth and parent_id).

I hope this helps!



HI Tobias,

That will get me what I need. Thank you.


You are welcome, Matthew, great to hear that this helps!