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API for integrating automated tests?


Playing with TestRail.

Looks impressive, so far, but my main concern is that it currently seems very strongly focused on manual testing. We’re currently trying to get away form that as much as possible, and automate things. is/will there be an API to get (a) sets of testcases [we have thousands] and (b) results for these testcases form particular runs into TestRail autimatically?

For example, we have several thousand compiler test cases for Oxygene, what i’d love to do (and was kinda expecting, tbh :wink: was to be abl to have those fed to TestRail automatically, as a Test Suite, so that whenever we do a build and the tests run, the results would be fed straight into TR.


Hi marc,

I’ve already waited for the first question about an API/automated test integration. :slight_smile: We definitely plan to incorporate such a functionality into TestRail in the future, but this won’t be included in TestRail 1.0. For the 1.0 we wanted to build a solid base that handles all ‘classic’ QA and testing scenarios well and build from there.

So this means that after we’ve launched TestRail and fixed all remaining issues and all the small things that come up after a new product release, we will start thinking about an API and automated test integration. We already have some ideas and welcome any feedback in this regard.



We’re in a similar boat, but it’s definitely not a show stopper for us because we have access to the database. I don’t know if Dennis would approve… :slight_smile: But our idea for this was to get all the automated tests cases into a suite, (two features that would help with this is an import function, and an additional field for Automated), and when we are ready to launch the automation, create a test run for them.

Then, include a parameter to your automation that is the test run ID. Very simple to insert results updates for those test cases based on the test run ID.


Scratch that…I see the dropdown to mark a test case as Automated. Nice.


Yes, this is certainly possible and should be quite easy to do. We have tried to keep the database structure simple and once you understand the application, the database tables and fields should be self-explanatory.