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[API] Empty test run issue

I experienced this issue while using API on TestRail v6.1.1.1021 version.

There is a project (e.g. projectX) with two suites (e.g. suiteA, suiteB) with some test cases inside.


  1. Create test run via API for projectX, suiteA where case_ids is a list containing ids from suiteA and suiteB
  2. Use add_results_for_cases to add results
  3. Open test run in TestRail

Expected result:
Test run contains test cases for suiteA, results are visible. Test cases for suiteB are ignored (?)

Actual result:
Test run view is empty. However I can still access specific tests using ‘Activity’ tab.

Removing test case results for suiteB when uploading results solves it. Despite that fact I still think this is an issue and might be missleading for users.