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API Documentation updated needed for unsupported status


The API POST index.php?/api/v2/add_result/:test_id
does not allow a status_id of 3 to be accepted as a valid status.

The documentation indicates it should, but the result is:
“error”: “Field :status_id uses an invalid status (Untested).”

Documenation should be updated to reflect this or API should be corrected to allow status change of “Untested”.


Hello Herb,

Thanks for your posting and please see my answer in your other posting:



So my request here is for Documentation update.

Your documentation is misleading in indicating that “Untested” is a valid status to use for POST.

It says.
The following POST fields are supported.
One of those fields is status_id of type int and it lists 3,Untested.

I think you should remove, 3 Untested, as a valid status to use for POST.



Hello Herb,

Thanks for your feedback. We’ve updated the documentation and I agree that this wasn’t very clear before.