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API Connection in Testrail


public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception

	APIClient client = new APIClient("");
	JSONObject c = (JSONObject) client.sendGet("get_case/288");
	Map data = new HashMap();
	data.put("status_id", new Integer(1));
	//data.put("comment", "This test worked fine!");
	JSONObject r = (JSONObject) client.sendPost("add_result_for_case/51/288", data);


getting COnnection Timedout Exception error message


In Local machine it is working fine, in Client Machine we are getting Connection Timed out Exception
Is there any possibility to block api in fire wall.

Thanks in Advance


Hi nandini,

Thanks for your posting. Could you check if the machine is allowed to make outgoing HTTP/HTTPS requests? Your code and the configuration looks good and this may be an issue with a local/outgoing firewall or something similar.