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API call or SQL Query to find out Test Cases not Run


There have been a few threads on this before. I’ve tried the solution with the comparison for cases report but my user scenario is too large for that report to complete (waited 14 hours).
I have a Release I want to find how many cases have not been run for a number of criteria:
last X amount of Timespan (Days/Weeks/Months)
Last X amount of builds

We’re in an agile environment so we update and execute cases per story rather than full test runs periodically. We need to be able to determine our current coverage. One of the end goals of this query is to create a run out of the cases not run according to our criteria so we can fill the gap before release.

I use a single-suite repository and I have a year’s worth of test case modifications for this current release, 6.5K total active cases, but the COUNT() on the cases table is 1.2 million.

I access the API with PowerShell but can’t quite determine how to tackle the problem from that end. Seems I would be doing a lot of cross checking work between results and case ids for every run within the release. Something that should be more manageable with a SQL query.