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API Attachments. Method for displaying Images


Maybe there’s an easier way of doing this but will post my way anyway. Attaching attachments to a result, only shows the file, meaning you have to open the image (if it is an image) in a new tab. My postImage method takes the image ID after I post it and then I add another comment with the correct markdown, thus displaying the image without having to open a new tab.

Post the image, but save the response

Object imageResponse = client.sendPost("add_attachment_to_result/" + resultId, imagePath);

Get the image ID

String imageId = ((JSONObject) imageObject).get("attachment_id");

Create a body, just containing a comment, no results. But use the formatting below to add the imageID


JSONObject commentBody = new JSONObject();
commentBody.put("comment", "![](index.php?/attachments/get/" + imageId + ")")

Then sendPost another result, but only containing the comment. It will add a comment to the test with the image displayed

client.sendPost("add_result/" + testId, commentBody)

I’m not a developer, so forgive my potential bad practices in the above. Maybe there’s a simpler way, but maybe this could help someone. If there is a simpler way, please let me know.