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API add_run call with correct assigned_toid doesn't appear to assign all cases in that run to user


When I create a test run through the API (via add_run endpoint) with a valid assignedto_id value for that run and I view that newly created run in TestRail, none of the test cases in that run are assigned to the user I specified (i.e. the AssignedTo column is empty). I know I can manually assign all the test cases via the UI when viewing the test run info, but I’d like to do this through the API. Is there another step I need to do to assign those test cases in that run to a user? Do I need to call update_run with the correct assignedto_id? But, I noticed update_run doesn’t support assignedto_id (according to



It appears I wasn’t correctly serializing the assignedto_id field and my test runs were created with a null value for assignedto_id. I identified the issue on my side, so disregard this post as it was a mistake on my part.


Hi Donnie,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you found it already!