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API add_plan_entry required suite_id


I need to create a Test Run inside Test Plan via API.
for that I am using add_plan_entry API method where suite_id is required however i have single repo project without test suites and because of that I am stuck.
Please help.


Hi @seba,

Thanks for your posting and Happy New Year! add_plan_entry also requires a suite ID even if you use the single-suite mode for your project. You can find the ID of the suite with get_suites/:project_id which only returns the single master suite/repository for your project:



Hi @tgurock,

That’s not very considerate, especially as add_run/:project_id does pretty much the same thing without requiring a suite_id.


I’m running into the exact same issue. How do I get the suite ID for the section? Is there anywhere in the UI that I can see this?



Suite Id in the screenshot example is 721


my issue is that I don’t use suites, I use sections. I figured this out though- for those that have a similar set up. You have to click on the test section from Test Cases tab then read the url.

see my screenshot!


You have to have a suite in order to have a section. The suite id in the UI (you asked for this information) should be the same as what is in the URL.

The above is the URL for a case within the suite and in a section within the suite using the same suite from my previous screenshot.


yup, see my reply above. thanks for the help.