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[API] Ability to move test cases between sections/suites


Does anyone know if moving test cases between suites or sections using the API is going to be implemented? I would also be interested in if there was a work around for this. Google wasn’t being very helpful.



Hi Drasnov,

Thanks for your posting! The API currently doesn’t support this directly but moving a test case across test suites or projects is basically the same as deleting and re-adding it (as moving across suites/projects would also delete test & results in active runs).




If we want to re-locate a test case between different test suites (projects) with retaining it’s case ID (so the initial case ID is not changed after move operation), would this be possible to do through API?

I know this is possible to do via UI, but is there a way to do same using API?


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for your reply! It wouldn’t be directly possible to move a test case via the API to retain it’s ID, however you’d be able to delete/re-add the test case to the desired project/suite as needed. If you needed to retain the same case ID, then it would just be recommended to perform this via the built-in UI copy/move feature. Hope this helps!