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Apache for Windows


Just wondering, will TestRail work on a Windows machine running Apache? I’ve made a clone of the server running our install of Mantis, and I’d like to run TestRail on the same host, but I’m concerned about having to run both Apache and IIS on the same box.


To provide some background, I’ve already got PHP and MySQL running on this server, hence my reluctance to build a separate one to host TestRail :wink:


Hi Matt,

we usually recommend using IIS on Windows with PHP + FastCGI. We recommend this as we know that this is a very stable and fast configuration, especially as PHP wasn’t built for multi-threaded environments so using a setup with FastCGI is recommended (I’m not sure how Apache and PHP integrate on Windows systems). Other than that TestRail doesn’t have any specific requirements regarding the environment, so this might work as well.

By the way, I suspect installing both Apache and IIS on the same machine shouldn’t be a big issue, except that you would need to configure IIS to use a different port. I’m not sure how you’ve installed PHP, so installing PHP twice might cause issues on the other hand.

Just let me know if you have any further questions or feedback about this.



Thanks for the suggestion! I decided to see what would happen with Apache on Windows (BTW, it’s part of an XAMPP install), and so far it seems to be working without an issue. Had a couple of challenges getting ionCube installed, but the wizard helped me get it straightened out.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the update and glad to hear that it works. Just let me know in case you need anything else from us.