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Anyone experiencing timeouts today?

I’ve already emailed support so if I hear back I’ll update here but just wondering if this was a problem unique to us or if anyone else is having issues this morning with error 504 timeouts?


Yes! I am getting lots of 504s


Yep, same here! Lots of 504 errors this morning. Hopefully someone is looking to fix this?

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Hi folks - we’re aware of some problems with our cloud service this morning. Please rest assured that we are looking into the situation and expect to have a resolution very soon.



Hi yes we are also getting the 504 gateway error in South Africa - please advise soonest thank you

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Have also seen 504 but are now joining TestRail. However, everything goes very slowly.
So based on this I would say that the problem is not solved.

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Thanks for reporting this. We are currently investigating this and will provide an update as early as possible.


We have this message today:

Account is in maintenance mode

Sorry, but your TestRail account is currently in maintenance mode. Please try again in a few minutes.

How long will it be down for?

Hi yes we are also getting the maintenance mode error for the last while - please advise?

Hi folks - we’re looking into this. Normal service will be restored very soon. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime!