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Anyone else having trouble with high-res?


I am using a resolution of 1680x1050 at work and much of the text in TestRail is tiny!
I have access to the server so i can make modifications to the installation.
Is there anyway to increase or change sizes of the fonts globally? (without UI scripts…)




Thanks for your feedback. We haven’t seen this issue before and we have many customers with different screen resolutions and screen sizes. Maybe you accidentally changed the font size for TestRail in your web browser? Or do you see this issue for all users?

You can reset (or increase) the font size in most web browsers by pressing Ctrl+0 or holding the Ctrl key and then using the mouse wheel to increase the font size. Which operating system and web browser do you use?



Isn’t Ctrl+0/Ctrl+wheel used to control zoom?
The browser (FF11) is set to allow web pages to decide on the fonts…



yes, you are correct, Ctrl+wheel changes the zoom of the web browser, but as this mainly results in different font sizes this was the first thing I would have verified. Could you please send a screenshot of TestRail and another website (e.g. to contact (at) so we can take a look at the font size?