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Anyone else getting slow response times from Cloud?

Update! From the fair isle… :ireland: Normal service has resumed…:white_check_mark:

@testrail… ye can put away the sonic screwdriver now :wink:



Hi Folks,

Getting very poor response times when trying to open test results/runs…

From both the Browser and the API.

Only experiencing this since I logged on today.

Can’t really attach much as it would only show the spinner :slight_smile:



We are experiencing the slowness too

Same here. Its impacting our test phase as of now. Huge latency noticed.

We are, too. Would be great if there was a downtime page or a twitter to subscribe to.

yes we are having exactly the same issue. It is severely hampering our testing. Is anyone at Gurock doing anything about this?

Seeing it as well. On and off long load times from our browser since ~2 hours ago