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Any way to track wether a Test Case has been run previously or not



I’m wondering if there’s a way to track wether or not a Test Case has been run previously or not.

Specifically, if I run a Test Suite, and later add more Cases to that Suite, is there a way to Filter out the new Cases from the old so only the new ones get tested?

Or if I run a test suite, but only run half the cases, and later want to run the other half, is there a way to filter that out for easy assignment?

Thanks for the help.


Hi @ghurd,

Thanks for your posting! You can see the case coverage with the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab:

Untested cases would have an empty cell in the Latest/Coverage column.

If you want to base your case selection on the results of a previous run, I can also recommend the Rerun feature of test runs/plans. For example, if you only want to test previously untested tests (tests with status Untested), you can select this status when rerunning a run and the case selection for the new run is set automatically:

I hope this helps!



So both of these are good ways to track Test Cases that haven’t been run, but have been assigned. Even if the report method would work for what I want, there’s no easy way to make a Test Run from the reports page.

I’m looking for a way to track Test Cases that haven’t been assigned at all because they’re brand new or were not ready, and I have no need to to reassign all of my Test Cases again.

For example.

Section 1 has Test Case 1, 2 and 3. 1 and 2 get assigned, but 3 doesn’t because it’s not ready yet. Three weeks later, I forget which ones I assigned and which I haven’t, but I need to make sure everything got run at least once. Is there a way to do this?


Do you mean assigned with respect to the case selection or assigned person? If you choose the include-all option for the test run, then all cases would automatically be part of the test run and you can simply use the Rerun option and selecting the Untested status, for example.



I mean in respect to the case selection.

Let me try and explain it a different way:

I have a Suite with 100 Cases in it, and I set up a Test Run/Plan to run these 100 cases.

After that run is done, that Suite gets updated with 200 new cases. Now I need to run these 200 new cases, without running the other 100 that I’ve already ran.

When creating a new Test Run/Plan from this suite, is there a way to filter Cases that have been run at least once against ones that have not been run at all?

Selecting “Untested” status on a Rerun doesn’t actually include anything that wasn’t included in the first run.

At the end of the day, it seems like I’m asking for a Filter option that filters Cases that Do or Don’t have previous results. As far as I can tell there isn’t a direct way to do this, but more round about ways like filters for Updated Date, or Changelist, etc.


If the test run uses the include-all option, all 200 cases would automatically be added to the test run as well and would have the Untested status. So it would be possible to just use the Rerun with an Untested filter in this case. Otherwise, you can also look into using the Created By filter for example as you mentioned, or work with a custom field and then filter by this field.

I hope this helps!