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Any way to import test runs and results


Is there any way to import test runs and results stored in XML or Excel formats into the TestRail test runs and results tab?


Hello Fatima,

Thanks for your posting. The import is currently available for sections and test cases on the Test Suite/Cases tab only (mostly to import test cases from other systems or Excel). Do you want to import test runs & results from another TestRail installation? You could look into using TestRail’s API to programmatically add test runs/plans and results:



Yes, the idea was to import results to another user’s installation of TestRail. We are looking at the API and plan to use them for this work. Will get back if we notice any hurdles.



You are welcome, Fatima, and please let us know in case any questions come up!



Hi, tgurock,

1.) I have a question regarding same issue, see i am using Nunit(C#) to test windows form application, after completing xml file is generated, So can we update result on testrail using xml file ?? if yes then how ??

2.) you’ve mention this link to add API and integrate, after adding files to my c# project there are two files generated, APIClient and APIException. after this i am not getting what to do … can you please tell me how to go further ? Because i am new to this tool.
Please share one example so that i can continue


Hi Monty,

The .NET binding is just a wrapper around TestRail’s API with authentication handling, JSON encoding, etc. and the idea is to use this binding to call TestRail’s API methods directly. If you have an XML file with test results, we would recommend going through the file and submit the test results as you go through them (or submit them with the bulk API methods). There’s a good introduction to test automation with TestRail and how other teams integrate test automation tool on our blog:

You can find the documentation for the .NET API binding here:




We had a testlicence of Testrail. We exported Test Runs from this Instance and saved it as xml, .csv and .xls file.

Now we have bought the licence for TestRail and want to import the old testruns ( with results) into the new Instance ( new Server).

Is it possible?


If the test cases are valid as well as the test run then I would use the same DB assuming that the instances are local (server) and not the cloud.

I know of no way to re-import the test run.


We had a testversion of TestRail on Linux Server.
Now we have bought licence and using it on a new Instance installed on Windows 2016 Server. As I understand from colleagues, Database backup from Linux Server cannot be incorporated on Windows 2016 Server.
Is it correct?
Is there no way to migrate the data from old Server to new one ( including the testruns and testresults etc)?


Gurock may have a way to do what is needed. It is not baked into the UI…