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Any way to clear deleted test plans and milestones from the display?


I created several test milestones and test plans and then deleted them. They still show in the Activity display for the project and are crossed out. Is there any way to clear the items from the display after they are deleted?




Thank for your posting. That’s actually a feature of the project history but older entries are automatically faded out eventually when you add newer entries to the history. (e.g. create new test runs etc.)



Hi Tobias,

I am having the same issue. Few test runs and milestones which I created for the POC, and another team lead had created few by mistake. I want them to disappear. Its a bit annoying to see them and doesn’t look very professional. These milestones and test runs had been created early January. Would have been nice if there was a hide feature. So that the Admin has control over hiding all the test runs/milestones that were created by mistake/no longer valid.



Thanks for your feedback, Nira! These entries will disappear eventually from the overview page because TestRail would only show the most recent results at some point but we are happy to review this and let administrators clear the project list.



Thanks Tobias, I would love if you would implement this feature. As I only want to see what should be active/Valid.

The new version (5.2) of TestRail looks great!



Thanks again for your feedback, Nira, and great to hear that you enjoy the new version :slightly_smiling:



Hi Tobias,

I found this discussion while looking for an answer on how to disable project history feature from the Overview dashboard of projects. I was wondering if this feature was added to any newer version of TestRail?

Many Thanks


Hi Lipika,

Thanks for your feedback. Items will automatically disappear from the history at some point as TestRail will only show the most recent events. I understand that it can also make sense to clear the history or remove items and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks!



has this feature been implemented in the last year? I’d like to delete/manage the activities displayed in a project homepage without waiting for more activities to be completed in order to automatically delete those which are currently visible. Is this possible?

Thank you very much for your help!



Hi Ilaria,

Thanks for your post! We still have plans to look into this, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA to provide for this yet. I’ve added your vote to the request, and we’re happy to review this for a future update!



Users have been asking for this feature for FIVE years.

Everybody in my organisation has been complaining that they cannot clear the activity, one user is sick of seeing something he did months ago still showing in the activity list.

If you cannot be bothered to develop this popular functionality, why not simply add an archive folder so that we could move old stuff into the archive folder (and never ever look at it again!) and then just see the bits we want to see (the recent stuff).

I love the way you just keep batting back the same old response about new stuff replacing it. Users know that. It’s not what they want.

A year ago (2017) you stated that you ‘still have plans to look into this’ (same response as FIVE years ago!

Do you still ‘have plans to look into it’? Is there any chance of a bit of progress?


Hi all,
I just wanted to add that we definitely need this feature to have a clear view what is still valid and to remove all test runs and mistakes.


Another vote to what prid and Adam2 said. This is very annoying to see deleted test runs from POC trials. Over 5 years since this was first posted and still not a reality?