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Any way to add Sections or a group of test cases on JIRA?



I need to know if there is a way to add a section of test case to a JIRA ticket without actually going into the individual test case and adding reference number. As this would be cumbersome if my test cases are in hundreds.


You can edit multiple test cases at once if you want to add the same reference to multiple test cases. select all test you want to edit and click on the edit icon and “edit selected”


I hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Thanks Afaeld. This would work out.

But I was looking more over to just select the Folder/Check-Uncheck the cases while we click on “add test case” from JIRA. And the reference would just get updated accordingly.



Test cases are so difficult these days.

Alli vShare Aptoide


I know some sites like 9Apps that will help.