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Any UIScript available to autopopulate Software versions on the Add Test Result?

Seems like when creating a custom “Software Version” field to be added to “Add Test Result” is forcing us to manually add Options but we don’t want to do that as we may need to edit this field everyday and manually put 2-3 versions each day as our R&D team are having a lot of versions running each day.
What we want is to have the field automatically pull software versions from our Jenkins nightly builds. Any idea?

Hi Nino,

Thanks for the post! If you have a custom results field in your test cases and would like this field to include data from your builds, you would be able to submit the custom field in your results. Any custom fields in TestRail are prefixed by custom_ when using the API. You can also use the get_results_fields method to retrieve the system names for your fields.

If your “Software Version” field is a drop-down or multi-select field which requires new builds to be added as options daily, you may want to consider using a string field instead. With a string field, you can simply include the build number(s) along with your result data. This would eliminate the need to update the options on a regular basis and also keep the options from becoming a very large list over time.

I hope this helps,