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Any plans for Visual Studio 2015 support?


any plans for Visual Studio 2015 support?



Thanks for your posting. You can already use SmartInspect with VS 2015 and the .NET libraries are forward compatible with newer .NET versions. The full version of SmartInspect also ships with the source code of the libraries and project files and you can always recompile them for your particular .NET and VS version, if needed.



i have both vs2013 and 2015 installed and i tried to run SI installation program, but it shows the possibility of vs2013 integration only. i have the latest installator sitrial-

i’d show you a screenshot but forum says “users cannot upload images” lol


This integration would only register the SmartInspect assembly with VS but you can still use SmartInspect with VS2015 or newer .NET versions. You would just need to add the assembly reference manually via Add Reference | Browse or similar.

I hope this helps!



Perhaps you should remind us again what exactly we get for the $69 support plan we still pay for each year?


Hello Lasse!

Our support plan includes access to all updates we release, but also specifically includes product and technical support. You can also shoot us an email at if you have any questions.